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Vican Bearings



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The beloved tool by all is getting a fresh look! Already established in the market for its durability compared to other tools with the same purpose, the third version now comes with updates for greater compatibility with reels and spinning reels.

The VICAN Evolution Pin Bag is the INDISPENSABLE tool for those looking to perform their own maintenance on their equipment. Its sole purpose continues to assist the maintaining angler in the process of cleaning and lubricating their gear. Even easier to use, it ensures precision and the necessary force for the removal and insertion of pins that lock the bearings located at the base of the shaft of many reels of our spinning reels and baitcasting reels.


When using your ping bag, make sure that the item is well inserted and making 100% contact with the side surface of the spool of your baitcasting reel throughout the entire usage process. Some baitcasting reels have the pin that holds the bearing with asymmetrical sides, where one side is thinner than the opposite region. It is extremely important that the thread of the pin removal tool is positioned to "push" the thinner side into the spool shaft hole and that before doing this, check if the pin removal tool's own shaft (where the thread will advance) remains aligned with the direction of the pin that will be pushed. After checking everything, turn the Hexagonal (Allen) key slowly and carefully, always checking if the pin is moving correctly towards the opposite side.

*CAUTION! Improper use of the tool can damage your equipment! Follow the instructions in the user manual.

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